Be a Bold Christian

Reese Saxon

I drive a big yellow car, and I mean it’s very yellow!  Also important to know is my husband has worked in close relations with the local sheriff and police departments.  So when this big yellow car is driven around town, the officers recognize it.  This became real as I waited at a red light and the policeman driving across the street in front of me waved.  I waved meekly back.  Then it hit me; I need to be very careful of how I drive this very visible vehicle. Then we added the radio logo to car magnets and attached them to the doors of my car.  Now, not only am I quite easily seen, so is my radio logo that announces my Christian station.  So what happens if I run a stop sign or commit road rage?

Now I see why there are many Christians that are not very vocal about their faith.  If it becomes obvious that they are Christians, then, like a big yellow car, they would be more visible in every act, in every instance.  They would be more subject to criticism if they didn’t act like Christ, or risk being called hypocritical. 

Here’s a solution:  Drive the big yellow car anyway.

It’s inevitable that we will make mistakes, but when we are aware of how visible we are as Christians to others, it only drives us closer to Christ.  How? Because you also realize you need daily doses of Bible study, prayer, and faith-building exercises to represent your Lord’s character to others.  And, you are acutely aware that others are watching.  In fact, they’re watching no matter what you’re driving.

Be a bold Christian.  Get your engine revved up.  Let others know it’s OK to be delighted in our Lord, for He delights in us! This works for patriotism, too.  Be a bold, honest American where all lives matter.  Squash hate with love; tell truth over lies.