Chris Gilbreth

Program Manager & Voice Talent

I am a self-professed radio and music geek. Christian music changed my life for the better at a young age and it’s been my privilege to share the Good News through music on the radio for over 30 years. Debra, my wife of 29 years, and I have 3 grown children and are settling into the empty nest life. When I’m not doing radio things, you’d probably find me playing my guitar or drums, playing Words With Friends or contemplating world domination from my backyard hammock.

I’d count Romans chapter 8 as my favorite part of the scriptures. Christian books that have made the most impact on my life include Roaring Lambs by Robert Briner and Finding Common Ground by Tim Downs. I have a ton of old Christian albums on vinyl from my younger days that I still love, like Mylon LeFevre, DeGarmo & Key, Petra, Keith Green, and the list goes on.