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October 2021

We all are aware of change in our lives. Right now, the seasons are changing. Children grow and...

Heidi Larson
Happy September!

We had some kids come in last week from a local church. Their Sunday School class loves The...

Heidi Larson
Gold Medal

As I write this blog, the world is captivated by the Olympics. Whether or not you watch the...

Heidi Larson
Independence Day

I am a history buff. Perhaps that is why I love the Fourth of July! I took a business trip to...

Heidi Larson
Crocus Hunting

The first flower of spring in North Dakota is the crocus. I love going out to the Theodore...

Heidi Larson

I love bread!  It doesn’t matter if it’s rolls or loaves, toasted or not.  Let...

Reese Saxon


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